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    Priestly Stats


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    Priestly Stats Empty Priestly Stats

    Post  Priestastic on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:37 pm

    Ones stats as a priest should go as follows...


    1. Intellect
    2. Critical Strike
    3. Haste
    4. Spellpower
    5. Spirit


    1. Spellpower
    2. Critical Strike
    3. Spirit
    4. Intellect
    5. Haste

    Healing tips.

    As an efficient priest healer one should try to make their spells cost as little as possible in order to maintain an effective steady haling pace. This can be accomplished though talents. Also when playing a priest healer it is important to maintain consistency in the healing. IE. stacking spellpower will not make you a good healer. The more consistent you are the better healer you will be.(this goes for all healing classes) Priests are tricky little guys with their mana. Hymn of Hope and Shadowfiend are useful spells that can be used to regain massive amounts of mana. These cooldowns need to be timed not burned together in order to keep the maximum mana for every encounter.

    Bubble healing spec used to midigate damage to tanks and maintain fast effective main tank healing. Discipline can b used as a raid healing spec but it is much more difficult to maintain effective raid healing as this spec.
    Standard Healing spec for many priests effective in both tank and raid healing. Holy spec provides the biggest heals but they aren't the fastest so timing is key.

    DPS rotation & hit cap

    Shadow Spec is DoT damage that is constant tick damage through use of Damage over Time abilities.

    The shadow priest hit cap is an easy to attain 11% due to shadow affinity and misery talents in the shadow tree. The Priest DPS rotation should go as follows Vampiric touch Shadow Ward Pain Devouring Plauge Mindflay x2 Mindblast Shadow Ward Death. rinse and repeat by keeping dots up maintaining mindflay Mindblast and Shadow Ward Death. Priest DPS isnt quick by any means so dont get discouraged priest DPS is very consistent and takes some time to get rolling.

    I really hope this Post helps all the upcoming priests in the guild =)

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