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    Post  Priestastic on Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:32 pm

    There are four different and yet all totally fun ways to play a druid. In this i will explain to you what each spec does / needs for it to work efficiently in a raid.

    I. Feral DPS (Kitty Spec)- Melee damage spec that is designed similar to a rogue with the use of energy and combo points
    1. hit cap 8%
    2. stat to stack agility
    3. Rotation Five combo savage roar bleeds and shred if u can not a hard rotation three or more mobs SWIPE FTW!!.

    II. Feral tank (bear spec)
    1. Bear tanks only have two things going for them Lots of HP and Dodge
    2. Dodge cap is 50% including trinkets and procs This should never be exceeded
    3. once the dodge desire is reached usually around 40-42% one can begin to stack Hit points

    III. Balance DPS(Boomchicken spec)
    Like any other caster its a thunder turkey lol!!
    1. hit cap pending on talents 10-12%
    2. Stats to concern Spellpower crit and haste!!!
    3. Rotation Moonfire Insect Swarm wrath till eclipse then starfire till Other eclipse R&R

    IV. Restoration Druid (Tree spec)
    Healer spec not much to say...
    1. There are many ways of arranging a resto druid build two of which i will touch on. A.) is HoT spec my favorite personally. This spec is designed for effective raid healing which involves taking talents into revitalize and HoT vamps in the tree. B.) IS tank healing Nourish spec which involves getting nourish to its maximum potential to promote effective tank healing.
    2. Stats to be concerned with as a resto druid.
    A. Spirit Stack it live it love it It is ur healing bonus it is ur mana regen!!!
    B. Spellpower use base off of chants and gear
    C. Hase and crit side traits get them with the gear =)

    I hope this information helps you druids for more specific info and or talent builds whisper me in game or throw a post up here ill get some trees up for you all =))

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