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    Protection gearing.


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    Protection gearing. Empty Protection gearing.

    Post  Sarrael on Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:49 pm

    A couple of people asked what kind of stats to pay attention to as a protection paladin, so I figured I'd do a quick writeup..

    Step 1, get defense! You need 535 defense to be uncritable by heroic level bosses, and 540 to be uncritable by raid bosses. This can be easily accomplished with a crafted pieces. There are a number of lists outlining the details of what you need for these, and I'm not going to repeat them here. Check the official WOW forums, ElitistJerks, or Maintankadin. Note that having more defense than the minimum is not a bad thing, defense adds to our block and avoidance, and is better than any other avoidance stat except dodge. So don't be afraid to take too much.

    Step 2, get block capped. once you have 540 defense you'll want to start working on the magic number for block cap. It's calculated by summing your dodge, parry, and block % numbers from your character sheet, then you add the miss % (base and defense bonus), and another +30% for holy shield. If this number is at least 102.4, congratulations.. You're block capped. What this means is that it is impossible for any level 83 mob to hit directly. Every melee attack (from the front) will Miss, or be dodged, parried, or blocked. This is a very nice place to be, because it means you can effectively add your block value to your effective health for physical attacks unless you're stunned or the mob is behind you.

    For example, at the time of this writing Sarrel is showing the following stats on her character sheet:

    Defense: 541
    Dodge: 24.91%
    Parry: 19.28%
    Block: 18.33%

    So that is 24.91 + 19.28 + 18.33 = 62.52

    Then we add miss chance. All mobs have a 5% base chance to miss, and defense adds a bonus chance to miss to this(if you mouse over your defense stat you can see the bonus). 541 defense gives me about 5.6 bonus chance to miss so...

    62.54 + 5 + 5.6 = 73.12

    Then we add in the +30% from the bonus holy shield gives to our block chance and we have 103.12. Technically this is overkill. We only needed 102.4 and our 103.12 is not counting raid buffs like kings and druid buffs that would increase our Agility and thus our dodge%. What this means is that we need to be very careful about how we gear going forward. Because of the way the hit table is structured, any additional avoidance will still have value, it just takes away from our block chance and adds to our dodge/parry chance. What this means is that the difference (.7%) is wasted block rating. And as we upgrade we want to look for ways to change out block rating for better avoidance stats like dodge and parry.

    Eventually, we'll start looking at balancing our avoidance, EH, and threat stats, but first and foremost, we need to not die. To that end, we'll primarily want to gem/enchant for stamina and avoidance.

    Bottom line, if you like a socket bonus, use +Stam gems in blue slots, +Stam/Defense(green) gems in yellow slots, and +Stam/+Agi(purple) gems in red slots. This used to be slightly different, in that we would go for +Stam/+Dodge in red slots, and in some cases it may be better to do that still, but the current theorycraft says that +Stam/+Agi gems are slightly better due to how they reworked dodge in 3.2.

    If you don't like or care about a particular socket bonus (+Block rating etc.) just fill it with +Stam gems.

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