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    Prot mana regen? Seriously?


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    Prot mana regen? Seriously? Empty Prot mana regen? Seriously?

    Post  Sarrael on Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:23 pm

    Ok, I'm looking at some of the specs of the prot pallies in this guild, and trying to figure out the reasoning behind these decisions. The only thing I can come up with to explain some of these choices is that a lot of you guys are having issues keeping mana up.

    The prot tanking rotation is set in stone, and is guaranteed to give the most dps & threat possible. If you aren't clear on what it is, I've posted about it in a previous thread. Assuming you're doing your rotation with no gaps and using all your global cooldowns you'll be consuming

    ShoR 6%
    HoTR 6%
    HolyS 10%
    Judge 5%
    Consecration 22%

    So one full cycle of the rotation gives
    6 + 10 + 6 + 5 + 6 + 22 = 55% of your base mana

    The rotation will take aproximately 9 seconds to complete. So you're using up 55% of your mana every 9 seconds.

    The holy trinity of prot pally regen is:

    • Blessing of Sanctuary:
      This blessing is a no brainer. -3% damage taken. +10% stamina. +10% strength. And every time you block, dodge, or parry a melee attack you get back 2% of your base mana.

      This blessing alone could cover your mana consumption if you were avoiding 28 hits per second. But that's not really reasonable. Your average trash pull will have 2-5 mobs, with a swing timer of about 2 second, that means that this will be giving you between 8-10% of your mana bar back every 2 seconds.

    • Divine Plea:
      This spell is hugely important. It gives back 25% of your total mana back over 15 seconds. So now instead of using 82% of your mana every 15 seconds, you're only using 57%

      So this spell will reduce the cost of your rotation by a whopping 30%. When you cast it, your goal is to keep it up long enough for it to be off cooldown when you need it again.

      The duration of divine plea is 15 seconds, but it has a 60 second cooldown. How do we keep it up? Simple. Guarded by the Light. This talent is so important, not only for the fact that it reduces spell damage by 6% (which alone would be worth sinking 2 points) but also because it means that as long as we are hitting something with our weapon, we get to refresh divine plea.

      So cast divine plea before you pull, and if you can (i.e. your healer doesn't need mana) move to the next pack of trash while the first one is being finished off. So once their down to about 10% you can drag them to the next pack while hitting them so divine plea doesn't fall off before you get there. On bosses, divine plea will probably stay up the whole fight as long as you remembered to cast it, and there isn't a lot of moving around, not hitting things.. (I'm looking at you Heigan)

    • Spiritual attunement:
      Most people start with a single point here, and that's generally good. This will give you 5% of damage healed as mana. On a typical boss fights in ulduar for example, the tank is taking about 6-7k dps. Assuming it is healed (which it must be to prevent a wipe) That translates into 300-450 mana per second, from a single talent point. Since prot pallies probably only have about 6k mana to begin with, spiritual attunement alone is nearly good enough to cover your rotation on boss fights.

    So lets talk about the bad choices for prot mana generation, shall we?

    • Divine Intellect:
      Increases Int by 2% per point. This stat is terrible for prot paladins. It actually makes existing mana problems _WORSE_ because it increases the size of our mana pool. All of the spells in our rotation are percentage based, so by having more mana, it means that the spells cost more. But the mana regen given by spiritual attunement is a flat amount proportional to damage taken. So SA is giving back 350-400 mana per second, but now all your spells are costing over 100 more mana in some cases.

    • Benediction:
      Decreases mana cost by 2% per point. So lets take a few spells for example. Judgement. A standard part of the rotation, and a cost of 5% of base mana. With a 6k mana pool, that's 300 mana. So per point, benidiction will shave 6 mana. This is not cost effective.

      If we sunk all 5 points into benediction we would save ourselves a whopping 600 mana or so every 15 seconds. Compare this to adding one more point to Spiritual attunement and getting back 5000 more mana in 15 seconds.

      That being said, for those of us wishing to improve our threat, there are a lot of good talents farther down the ret tree, and to get there we need to take some points at the top of the tree. Deflection is a given, but when you put 5 into deflection, 1 into improved judgments (needed for the rotation) and 3 into Heart of the Crusader, you still need 1 more point to get to the next tier. In this case it's fine to spend the one point in benediction. It won't make a lot of difference, but there's no other place to put the point that would give you any better benefits.

    • Seal of Wisdom:
      This seal will give back 4% of your mana when it procs. This seal is actually decent. The only problem is that so much of our threat comes from seal of vengeance that we can't afford to use anything else. Fortunately we don't need this seal because the holy trinity is more than enough.

    So the bottom line is this. Use blessing of sanctuary, use divine plea (and keep it up 100%) and with one point of spiritual attunement you should have more than enough mana to go around.

    Do not waste talents points on talents which are mediocre at best, or ones that actually hurt our regen.

    If you still find you're running low on mana, chances are you're not taking enough damage. This can often happen in heroics once you greatly outgear them. This just means you need to chain pull more. Tank 2 packs of trash at a time, etc. Not only will you keep your mana up, but the runs will go faster, and the healer won't be falling asleep at the keyboard.

    I hope that helps.

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    Prot mana regen? Seriously? Empty You get em Sar

    Post  Priestastic on Mon Oct 12, 2009 12:35 pm

    He is 100% correct paladins listen to the man he is The Einstein of Pally Tanking.

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    Prot mana regen? Seriously? Empty Re: Prot mana regen? Seriously?

    Post  Uriell on Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:29 pm

    or you could just holy tank like me =D

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    Prot mana regen? Seriously? Empty Re: Prot mana regen? Seriously?

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