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    Shaman hit rate cap PvE


    Shaman hit rate cap PvE

    Post  Guest on Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:09 pm

    Shaman (Spell)

    Base: 202
    w/ Elemental Precision: 126
    w/ Nature's Guidance: 164
    w/ Elemental Precision + Nature's Guidance: 88

    Shaman (Dual-wield)

    Base: 403
    w/ Dual Wield Specialization: 308
    w/ Nature's Guidance: 356
    w/ Dual Wield Specialization + Nature's Guidance: 261

    Shaman (Two-Handed/One-Hand + Shield)

    Base: 136
    w/ Nature's Guidance: 89

    (Note that some talents give you weapon skill, and are already accounted for above.)

    Orcs w/ Axes: -8 hit rating needed

    Shaman Totem of Wrath: -38 spell hit rating needed

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    Re: Shaman hit rate cap PvE

    Post  Boovine on Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:10 pm

    ok, ive been looking all over for exact data... and i fail

    as healing-

    what are my top 3 things? and what should they be?

    then i dueled to enhance (hittin them)
    what are the top 3 things what should they be?
    keep in mind i was told 3 points in unleased rage is a must also.
    hit rating in spells? 14%?
    expertise in melee? 6.5%?
    ap in melee?

    someone with uber net skills hook me up!

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    Re: Shaman hit rate cap PvE

    Post  Sarrael on Sun Apr 19, 2009 6:13 pm

    From what I've seen on forums etc your stats for resto should be

    Int > mp5 > sp > crit > haste

    Obviously there are some limits to this however. If you have sufficient int and mp5 that you're not running out of mana (somewhere around 300 mp5) then you should stop stacking those and go for sp, crit, and haste (though bear in mind that int also gives you crit). Also once you get your crit to 20% you can stop stacking crit and go for just sp and haste.

    Looking at your gear/stats in the armory it seems like you're right where you need to be.

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    Re: Shaman hit rate cap PvE

    Post  Boovine on Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:25 pm

    Thanks Sarrael,

    I know for healing I'm right "there". But now its come to the point where the speed/haste of casting is killing me, or seems to be.

    I have good stats, but I need to know when x amount of int is as high as I go. Can there be a cap on that? if not, then what are the baselines I need for everything. I would hate to swap out gems and items to improve up on haste, but then go below the line on another stat I need to make it work.

    Some items I have 2 for ( like gloves) one is teir 7, the other is a purp. Both have great stats, but which one is better? ughh, it's those situations where I need a number line so I know I am not screwing it all up. I am sure every class has the same situation, sometimes its a pain trying to get it all worked out.

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    Re: Shaman hit rate cap PvE

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